Quake Heroes Special events

What is a Quake Heroes Special Event?

As a result of our extensive testing of the Quake Heroes film, we found that people are very motivated to improve their preparedness after viewing the film. When combined with an information fair held immediately after a showing of the film, this motivation became action with long lines at each booth. We encourage your organization to plan an event appropriate for your employees, neighborhood, or other group.




How do we promote our Event

If your organization would like to organize a Quake Heroes Special Event, here are a few aspects to consider:

  • Timing: Best days & times
  • Location: Best set up for film; for fair; simulator, etc.
  • Preparedness Fair: Will you invite all vendor/info partners, do we handle this for you, or do coordinate together?
  • Presenters/Panelists: Would you like additional speakers, before or after the film?
  • etc,